Japan Real Estate Investment Properties

One of the main trends emerging in these days of financial market turmoils and unstable world economy, is the great shift of wealth and power from the West to the East - as capital flight to Asia continues, there are a great many investors who are seeking entry into Asia's profitable and attractive markets, but simply do not know where to begin - as the cultures, languages and mentality are so very different to those in English speaking countries world-wide.

Japan, which is Asia-Pacific's largest real-estate investment market in particular, seems particularly hard to enter, as the Japanese, who are extremely traditional, honest and organized, are extremely averse to dealing with foreigners. As a result, most Western investors believe they cannot access the fantastic property investment opportunities available in Japan’s cities – although, in some parts of the country, there are many properties which can be bought for as low as $20,000 - with rental returns at 9-15% annual pre-tax.

Furthermore, since late 2011, Japan's economy, which has suffered from a two-decade long deflationary trend, has finally bottomed out, and prices have now begun to rise in most parts of the country - leading to some of the biggest names in real-estate investment to re-enter this market and/or expand their existing portfolios there even further. But what can smaller investors, who do not have international offices in Japan, do in order to capitalise on this super-attractive market?

Fortunately, there are companies active in the Japan real-estate market who already have the infrastructure to enable these smaller investors to buy properties, manage their portfolios, and even regularly receive and withdraw their income from these investments – without having to by physically present in the country and/or open a bank account – and at surprisingly low fees, maintaining the high returns mentioned above - even for investment budgets as low as $25,000.

Some of the more attractive areas in the country at this moment are -

1. Hokkaido, an internationally famous winter wonder land and ski holiday appeal. Sapporo city, population 1.9 million, is one of the largest cities in the country – with rising population figures. The city is also home to several of Asia's best universities, with main industries being information technologies, tourism and retail. Annual tourism often exceeds the tens of millions of visitors per annum.

Fortunately for investors, these tourists mostly avoided the area since early 2011, mainly because of the great tsunami and earthquake of 2011 and its subsequent complications - leading to a local economy depression, which in turn led to real-estate prices drops. In late 2012, as tourists began to frequent the city once more, investment properties began to be sold again, and these days attractive real-estate is normally spoken for within days - however, prices have not yet picked up to this trend - and so, now is an excellent time to buy there.

2. Fukuoka prefecture, Western Japan's metropolitan centre, is closer to China, Taiwan and South-Korea than to Tokyo - and enjoys large numbers of tourists and business visitors from South-East Asia, including from Singapore, Thailand and Hong-Kong. Fukuoka city, population approximately 1.5 million, is also displaying population growth – and the entire area has been designated as Japan's "Green Energy Capital", with solar and wind farms being built on a regular basis in the last few years, as Japan prepares to become one of the world's leaders in renewable electricity generation - aiming to phase out nuclear energy altogether by 2030. Property prices have not been influenced by the global financial crisis, and as Chinese and other Asian investors have discovered this market, prices have actually been growing rapidly, with the lower end of the market - small, affordable and high-yielding studio apartments - now up 20-30% over a period of only two years. However, excellent deals can still be found in this area, and other cities in the region, such as Kumamoto and Nagasaki, have not yet displayed these rises - although they are very likely to go through the same trend as Fukuoka city in the coming few years. Hence, an excellent time to purchase in the region.

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