About Kiraguru.com

Peer-to-peer rental is a booming concept around the world and Kiraguru.com (www.kiraguru.com/en for English speaking users) is the first and the most comprehensive website to bring this concept to Turkey. People are choosing to rent directly from each other virtually everything: while renting villas, cars, boats, electronic equipment and even dresses. Peer-to-peer renting has been called on one of the top trends that will change the world. Renting allows users to borrow items that they may not be able to afford or simply do not want to purchase, and owners get to make additional money from their belongings when not in use.

In the real estate category there is a large selection of rental homes, vacation villas, short-term stay apartments and houses. These rentals are often preferred by both foreign and Turkish tourists who are looking for a practical way for accommodation. The rentals are not limited to just economical houses, luxury villas with private swimming pools, 7 x 24 service and all the amenities that a hotel provides are also available. In addition to vacation homes, can rental, rental boats, equipment, furniture, dresses, electronics and services are all popular among users. Some untraditional rentals are metal detectors for bounty hunters, clown service, belly dancers, meeting rooms, accessories, DJ, battery-powered cars for kids and various private lessons.

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